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Forever Spring Plant Rentals


Forever Spring Plant Rentals for events

Why I love doing what I do.

I come by my love for gardening honestly; both of my parents were gardeners and they felt the importance of teaching their children how.

I was raised on a farm where gardening and farming were a way of life and living in the deep south of central Florida gave us long growing seasons. At the age of five, I had an appreciation for nature, getting dirty in the garden and enjoyed watching things grow.

My mother was also an outstanding and talented artist and I inherited some of that talent for color and design, utilizing that talent in my plant choices and in the selecting of my garden accessories.

I enjoy sharing the passion I have for plants with friends and customers, I feel very blessed and I absolutely love what I do!

 How We Make 

Miracles Happen.

Using plants as a backdrop is very attractive for photography, creating photographs with a beautiful and lush green background.

Plants can take an area that is lacking in design and create an outdoor room with a sense of warmth and coziness by carefully placed plants and garden accessories. Using larger plants to anchor the outside corners and building a green wall to surround the area, creating a lovely setting for dining or dancing. We are local to Tallahassee FL.